About the Real Roots Cafe

Jan Janssen

For more than fifteen years now The Real Roots Café still is a non-profit Dutch language music web site that represents a variety of music genres. Music in the broadest sense of the words, as long it is real and deeply rooted in, and directly related to the on-going development of the North American societies and cultures. The Real Roots Café is, in fact, a hangout for everyone who would like to learn more about “Real People, Real Instruments and Real Music”.

Jan Janssen (JJ) is Spiritual father, designer, and manager of the Real Roots Café web site. The musical background of this former local DJ goes way back in the late sixties, early seventies. In the early nineties, JJ was looking for a place to enjoy and talk about music. Because music always evokes, he yearned for an outlet. And when bullshitting about music turned into talk about life, JJ had to do something. To share his favorite music and experiences in the music business, JJ needed a charming and characteristic environment.

In 2006 the Real Roots Café celebrates their ten year anniversary on the world wide web. June 4th, 2006 they joined forces with Cultureel Podium Roepaen in Ottersum in Holland. Nearby the German border (Nijmegen, Kleve and Goch area) they had two stages. One acoustic indoor stage in the beautiful just renovated Chapel and one big outdoor stage. After the Roots @ Roepaen festival press called it “the Paradiso of the East”. Feel free to check out the incredibly beautiful pictures, taken by Peter Pricken, to catch-up the atmosphere.

It’s really a never-ending story. Systematically The Real Roots Café is walking the long road, knowing that they rumble in margins. Nevertheless, they love the challenge to support all those fabulous musicians, who almost never get the chance to promote their music on settled national radio stations and magazines. We think that the best American rock has taken its cue from the folk, blues and country traditions that have spawned it. The masters have also drawn color from the multicultural sounds that have washed ashore with each immigrant wave. Capturing all this and fusing it with a sense of what’s hot in music now that is the challenge of the people behind the Real Roots Café. The “ Real Roots Café DreamTeam are; photographer Peter Pricken, Huub Thomassen, Fred SchmaleTon KokPaul Jonker, Patrick Struijker Boudier, Jaks Schuit, Jarl Westerouen van Meeteren, Thijs Walhof, Ronand Valstar, William van Voorbergen, Bas Booy, Guus Draaier en Jan of course.