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Of course, we would like to consider your music for review on our blog. Please be familiar with the fact that we get tons of digital or physical music every month. As we want to describe what we feel and think about your music, we need quite a bit of time. Because there are so many we, unfortunately, cannot dig into all of them. Before sending your physical (finished product) promo’s you might consider this. To increase the possibility of having us reviewing your music you might consider sending us your promo at least one, better two months, before the release date. That doesn’t mean that we will not review your music if you send us the promo one week before the release date. Just send us as much stuff that makes our job easier.

Please do not send us mp3 files or zip files attached to your email. If you want to send us a physical promo copy (fished product) please send it as a gift with a value of € 0 euro. If you can live with that you may think about sending us your original promotion copy to:

Real Roots Café
Lincolnstraat 2
6566 CT Millingen aan de Rijn
The Netherlands

We are old school and hope you understand that we almost can’t accept digital promos anymore. We did get about 100 download links every week, almost impossible to listen to them all. So we prefer reviewing send physical promos. Please realize that we can’t send you your promo back. We’d be bankrupt if we did.