Shane Alexander hoop op recente gebeurtenissen in Amerika

Every week there’s a new senseless tragedy. It’s not about politics – it’s about the kind of future we want to leave for the generations to come. I wrote this hoping to bring some positive vibes to the equation. I still believe there’s a lot of good left in the world. Do you? Words and […]

Schokkende en hilarische momenten in de nieuwe video van Cherish Lee

Country singer-songwriter, Cherish Lee has released her new video for “Tequila Cowgirl.” The artist recounts some harrowing and hilarious moments from the shoot. Lee is the daughter of singer, Johnny Lee and “Dallas” star, Charlene Tilton. An all-American singer, songwriter and storyteller, Cherish Lee comes from a strong pedigree involving tv and movies. No stranger […]

PennyLeen schittert in duet met Mark Lennon

Op 16 november a.s. wordt de single ‘Help me’ gereleased; een prachtig nummer van PennyLeen afkomstig van haar nieuwe album Still Waters/Savage Waves dat op 18 februari 2018 zal uitkomen. In dit nummer gaat PennyLeen in duet met zanger Mark Lennon.