Début EP van Ro Bergman snijd hout

Euphorically optimistic, Horizon sees itself as an appeal, life in relation to destiny, to live courageously, and to break up. Within each beginning Ro Bergman presents on his début EP – there’s also a sense of an ending drifting along in the background. But it’s his ability to recognize new horizons, as reflected in the lead single , suitably shot in a Jordanian desert that engages the listener to ‘dream outside the lines,’ for something more.

Ro Bergman, an Austrian singer songwriter whose indie spirit transcends musical borders, showcasing his ability to modern, alt-indie rock to a pop sensibility. With the release of his début EP comes sharp lyrical depth, and euphoric hymnal musings. New Horizon is a full blooded release for each season, packed with wonderment and longing, fragile moments and veritable pulls that are delivered boldly throughout the record. Produced by Niko Stoessl (David Gahan, Crystal Castles, Nihils), Ro Bergman embraces influences such as Bon Iver, Beck and The Verve,fusing them with infectious 80s and 90s pop sounds that are inked with words of consideration. Horizon showcases a euphoric appeal that is evident throughout the EP, and later, with songs such as All We Are and Clouds, Bergman presents a more vulnerable voice, one that rises with a genre crossing sound.